Mend Maddie’s Heart – Find out How | Pensacola Photographer

During the day, when I’m not busy photographying my kids, I’ve been known to provide childcare for others. The last child that I cared for was a child with congenital heart defects (CDH). She is 32 days younger then my daughter, however if you ever saw me out in public with the two of them you would have thought they were twins! They certainly acted like it with having entire conversations with looks, grunts and their own babble.

This little girl, Maddie became a part of my family in a way I never expected! (I’m happy to say that although I no longer care for Maddie during the day, I still keep in touch with her mama!) In fact,this post is Maddie’s baby sister.

In honor of Maddie, any sessions that are booked for the week of February 7th-14th I will donate 100% of the session fees to a non profit that helps families that are dealing with medical expenses often brought on by the proceedures kiddos like Maddie face. In fact, Maddie’s future holds another proceedure for her – and this is my way of saying to her and to her family that I hope one day they figure out a cure for stuff like this!You can read more about Maddie’s story, and about the non-profit her wonderful grandma’s set up in her honor here atMend Maddies Heart.
Giving Back  to Mend Maddie's Heart


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