Little Things | Pensacola Photographer

Sometimes it’s NOT about getting that perfect exposure or just plain perfect image. Sometimes those perfect images aren’t the important images.

Sometimes, it’s simply documenting what is happening right this very moment. . If we don’t stop and take a moment and realize that yeah today is total and complete chaos and you might as well throw it to the monkeys – we miss the little moments that we want to remember for ever.

Don’t ever wish that someone had just “happened” along with their camera to capture you with your children. It’s never the right time to book a photography session for what ever reason, but mom’s don’t find yourselves years down the road wishing someone had snapped a shot of you and your monkeys doing what ever it is that they do that drives you nuts (but secretly you love – or perhaps love to hate). They won’t stay small forever, so don’t waste an opportunity to document their lives – but it do it with you in front of the camera. You will be glad you did.

*I secretly hate that I have two daredevils who fear almost nothing. But I love that they give me so many wonderful memories to capture that range from climbing on things to attempting to start motors. In 2012 my new years resolution will be to take more pictures – with me in them!


About Nicole Leebeck Photography

On location, lifestyle photographer.
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